Me: Hey mom? I have something to tell you...
Mom: Wait! What's happening??? *Mother starts to become see-through*
Me: Well, I wanted to tell you that I am transgender... So that makes you trans-"parent"

Name Changes Are Hard

How Hard Name Changes Should Be.
Frame 1: *Person wearing name tag with "Jim" on it*
Frame 2:*Person took of name tag and is writing on it*
Frame 3: *Person wearing name tag with "Sarah" on it*

Subverting Expectations

Frame1: two people standing next to hole, and one gets an idea
Frame2: Person 2 pushes person 1 into hole
Frame3: Person 1 lands on hole
Frame4: Person 2 falls through ground

Skirt Twirls

*person in skirt spinning* Reason #37 I am glad I came out as transgender: Skirt Twirls!

Not Sure What I Expected

My Mother: I wish I had a daughter.
Me: I am coming out as a trans woman.
My Mother: (visibly upset) Hmph not like that.

Bipolar Adventures

Bipolar Adventures

Me: I'm feeling a bit hypomanic... I should do something productive.

*two hours later*

Me: I just bough 200 Beanie Babies on eBay...

A Veggie-Tell-Tale Heart

*Bob the tomato and Archibald the asparagus standing next to a pickle jar with Larry the cucumber dead inside*
Bob: Archibald!?! What did you do?
Archibald: He wouldn't stop being so silly....

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